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I am a consultant specializing in data science and artificial intelligence. With a decade of experience, I have been actively engaged in the high-tech/startup industry, predominantly contributing to algorithmic projects within the medical field. My expertise includes effective collaboration with professionals from various disciplines such as physicians, radiologists, surgeons, developers, and product specialists.

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  1. I’ve started collaborating with Sheba Hospital’s Gastroenterology Department to develop a product focused on disease modeling using MRI images.
  2. Due to the crisis in Israel, my team, specializing in medical imaging algorithms, has volunteered in the police in a research role. Our objective is to analyze dental images, both before and after death, to aid in the identification of deceased individuals. I posted my recent blog about that forensic work, and you are more than welcome to read about it at this link.

Here, you will find a comprehensive overview of some of my notable projects and collaborations with prominent healthcare organizations. I have listed key clients and provided a brief description of the consulting work I have undertaken for each of them.

Ongoing Client Spotlights

CompanyProject Link MethodsConsulting Type
Clalit Health ServicesDemand forecasting model for pharmaceutical dataTime Series, ClusteringResearch, Guidance, Pilot (POC)
Maccabi Health ServicesPreterm birth prediction based on Ultrasound (US) imageVision, CNN, U-netResearch, Guidance

Professional Experience

Samsung Healthcare Computer Vision Algorithm DeveloperCardiac MRI · Medical Ultrasound · Registration · Computer Vision · Medical Imaging
AugmedicsVirtual Reality DeveloperOrthopedic Surgery · Image Segmentation · PET-CT · Virtual Reality (VR) · Medical Imaging
Pathway Genomics Corporation Lead Machine Learning Researcher Genetics and NN
Genetics of COVID-19
AI-based drug discovery companies
Genetics of Viruses
Molecular Biology Modeling


CredentialsDepartment UniversitiesNotable Papers
Ph.D. CandidateComputer ScienceWeizmann InstituteDentistry
M.Sc.Computer Science and EngineeringThe Hebrew UniversityNeuro Trajectories Plan
B.Sc.Bio-Medical EngineeringBen-Gurion University